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I Heart Best-Teez Picket

I Heart Best-Teez Picket

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I Heart Best-Teez Picke

picket size is 29.5*42cm which is a normal picket size 

front features member picture

back features I heart member 

Please note images may be a tad blurry due to a small image being zoomed in and printed onto a physical item! If you have an issue with this then please do not order! Most noticeable blurrier images are San, Yeosang, and Yunho as the original photos are not HD! 

please note pickets can have small scratches or bumps which is the nature of all pickets even official ones! It will not be deemed as a B grade unless the flaws are majorly noticeable and effects the functionality or image of the item! There is nothing that can be done about these. Again if you have a problem with this please do not order! 

a grade- nearly perfect picket little to no flaws

b grade- printing error/marks on print 


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