Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pre-orders and how do they work?

Pre-orders are a way to fund a product and see if there is interest in a product.  There is a set amount of pre-order slots.  If the designated amount of slots is filled, you are guaranteed an "A" grade product (see section below on difference in grades) at a discounted price.  If all the pre-order slots do not get filled, then the customer will be refunded.  Keep in mind the listed production times listed for the pre-order.  Once pre-order products arrive to me, they will be quality checked and graded and then shipped out to the customer immediately.

Please do not order other items with your pre-order.  If you happen to order in-stock items with your pre-order, the entire order will not be shipped until the pre-order arrives to me.

Once all the pre-orders have been fulfilled, any extras will be listed in the shop at regular price.  Please note there are not typically many extras available, so you are better off ordering the pre-order to guarantee you get the item!

Please note: We do not accept refunds on pre-orders unless the item is NOT funded.  If you order a pre-order item you are acknowledging you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of how a pre-order works.


What is the difference between A, B, and C Grade pins?

A grade - nearly perfect pins, little to no flaws

B grade- minor flaws such as small scratches and tiny bits of infilled enamel

C grade- noticeable flaws such as stated in B grade but more noticeable

 Please note pins have small parts, have sharp parts and can be a choking hazard for children.


What is the difference between A, B, and C grade headbands?

A grade- nearly perfect headband, little to no flaws

B grade- visible glue in one or more places

C grade- visible glue in one or more places and/or off-center


I am not sure what size to order, can you help?

Each shirt, crew, or sweater will have a sizing chart listed in the pictures for the item. All items are adult US unisex sizes. Please note the brand/type used before ordering as different brands have different sizing charts. 


I accidentally ordered the wrong size.  Can you change it?

Once an order is placed, we cannot go in and change it.  Please contact us immediately so we can further instruct you on what to do.

What is the black or white material behind my embroidery?  Should I cut it off?

Do not cut off the black or white material! This material is called stabilizer and it basically stabilizes the embroidery for it to have long-lasting results after washing and also ensures the stitching will not come undone! We use the highest quality stabilizer to ensure your embroidery will last as long as possible.  Every embroidered item is hand-cut by myself to the proper measurements around the stitching to ensure long-lasting results.  So do not cut this material off as you are risking your item's longevity. 

How should I launder my hand-made clothing items for the best results?

Printed items include a sticker and card for care and should be turned inside out to wash.  In addition, we recommend all items be washed on the delicate cycle with like colors, cold water only, and laying flat to dry.  We do not recommend putting items in the dryer.  

When will my item(s) ship?

Embroidered and printed items have the longest processing times of 1-3 weeks.  We print and embroider in the order that orders come in.  Please note that shipping does not include the processing time and once an order is processed, THEN it will ship out and depending on the shipping speed can arrive to you accordingly.

In stock items are usually shipped out within 3-7 business days or receiving the order.

Pre-orders have a shipping/processing time listed in the individual item.  When ordering a pre-order, the customer acknowledges reading the policy on pre-order and understanding how pre-orders work. We discourage ordering of in stock items with a pre-order as all items in the order will be shipped when the pre-orders come in.

If you order an embroidered or printed item with in stock items such as pins, accessories, stationary, etc. you order will ship out within the 1-3 week window.

Please  note that processing times and shipping times are different.  Please allow the time it takes to process your item plus the shipping time depending on the shipping speed you chose on your order for your order to arrive to you.


Please note the processing times on the items your order.  Embroidered and printed items have the longest processing times and will be shipped out as soon as the item is made.  Most embroidered and printed items are made to order and we complete orders in the order in which we receive them.  Items are shipped out within the window of their stated processing times.  

Please note that we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  If an item is marked "delivered" but you have not received it, try checking with your neighbors or around your property. Once an item is marked delivered by the carrier, you will need to contact your local post office/carrier if you do not receive it.  

Please note we are not responsible for mistakes made by USPS, damage to orders by the carrier, incorrect addresses given by customers, or lost or stolen packages.  We are here to help, however, so please contact us if you have any issues!

Customs and Import Taxes

Customers are responsible for all international duties upon arrival.  Please check your local government agency for these costs.  We are not responsible for any of these fees.  If your package gets returned only the item cost will be refunded and not the shipping cost.

If we do not ship to your country, please message me on Etsy Ashleyspersona, and I can set up a custom listing through Etsy for you.