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Mito Lightstick Bow

Mito Lightstick Bow

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Mito lightstick bow 


features black and hot pink ribbon with a acrylic mito charm in the center! Back features an elastic band! 

Please note that if you are using the lightiny v2 the bow will slide a bit down on the lightstick due to how the lightsticks handle is designed! I've been testing it out a lot over the past 6 months and it doesn't slide down too much but there is just a bit of slide down when shaking your lightstick compared to lightiny v1 where it does stay in place more when shaking but having a bit of slide down is inevitable with bows and also especially with the lightsticks design of v2! It sits right under the button! 


only bow is included, strap and mito Lightstick cover sold separately 

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